“Bára is one of the most inspiring personalities I got to meet in my life. Not only her super calming voice, but her knowledge and overall passion for yoga is just amazing. I know that she puts so much
effort and thought into her classes as well as in her
You will definitely love it!”

– Kirsten P.


“Bára has taught me so much since I began my yoga experience with her. I was new to yoga and needed some guidance and I am so happy I found her! Every class I learn so much about myself and my practice that benefits in my outside world.”

– Honza P.

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The Magic of Yin Yoga

The Magic of Yin Yoga

What actually is Yin Yoga? You may think that this is just one of the crazy styles of yoga in modern times, but the truth lies elsewhere. Yin yoga is just different than most of the „typical“ styles of yoga you may know. Styles such as hatha or vinyasa are yang types...

Perfect Gifts for Yogis and Spiritual Junkies

Perfect Gifts for Yogis and Spiritual Junkies

Are you looking for a gift for someone close to you who fell in love with yoga or spirituality? Or do you want to please yourself with something that might make your yoga practice even more enjoyable? Then you are in the right place. In the following lines I will...

How to Start Meditating

How to Start Meditating

Me and meditation have a pretty special relationship with each other. For one moment, we are good together, everything goes smoothly and then there is always a time when we do not fully understand. But one thing is certain. I am always grateful for returning to it. So...

E-book: Yin is In! (ENG) | Yin yoga sequences for everyone

“Very nicely executed book, both in terms of content and style. Fun to look through, read about YIN yoga and do the sample sequences. You can imagine and feel what it would be like to be in Bara’s class.”

– Nora G.