Welcome to a little piece of my virtual world!

A few years ago I decided to change my life. During that process, I discovered yoga, and since then I have been incorporating it in almost all aspects of my day to day life. 

One of my many goals is to humbly pass onto people the joy that yoga brings me. I try doing that through yoga classes, workshops, retreats and other events.

I believe that yoga is for absolutely everyone and that it can change a person’s life. During my classes, I try to create a safe space for anyone who is prepared to understand themselves better and perceive their mind and body to the fullest.

Yoga itself has turned my own life upside down and I owe it a lot. Not only did it help me alleviate serious health problems, but it truly made me find myself.

O mně

In 2018, I completed my first Hatha yoga teacher training and since then I have been teaching regular group classes, both in my hometown called Teplice and in the capital city of Czech Republic, Prague, where I moved and stayed even after finishing university.

I am constantly trying to expand and deepen my knowledge in various yoga classes, retreats and seminars listed down below. In the general field of yoga, I am now more interested in anatomy, mobility, and my long-term loves are Yin yoga and Sound Healing.

When I’m not doing yoga, you usually find me somewhere on the road, because my next huge passion is traveling and discovering new places.

Certification, courses and workshops:

» Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga4Yogi, Prague Czech Republic (150 hours, 2018)
» Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training, Trimurti Yoga, Bali (200 hours, 2019)
» Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Sampoorna Yoga (60 hours, 2020)
» Crystal Bowl Sound Healer Training, Holly Husler (2022)
» Gongmaster Training with Aidan McIntyre (2023)
» Gong workshop: prehĺbenie hry na gong II. (Gong Academy, 2023)
» Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training, School of Positive Transformation (2023) 
» Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga Training, The Practice Bali (50 hours, 2021)
» Školení Těhotenská jóga (Denisa Koubková, 2022)
» Kurz Jemné jógy pro (věčné) začátečníky: pro zdravé kyčle, pánev (Veronika Švecová)
» Kurz Jóga jako cesta (Lucie Königová)
» Kurz Vinyasa: jóga pro otevřený hrudník a klidný dech (Veronika Švecová)
» Kurz Základy obličejové jógy (Brigita Paletářová)
» Základní kurz aromaterapie (Martina Hanzlíková)
» Workshop Office Yoga (10 hours, 2021)
» Workshop Jóga Nidra (Václav Krejčík)
» Workshop Asistence v pozicích (Kristína Jakubíková)
» Seminář Jin jóga 1., 2. a 3. část (Romana Klášterecká)
» Seminář Jóga pro zdravá záda (Lenka Oravcová)
» Jednodenní intenzivní seminář Hormonální jógy (Veronika Hrabáková)
..and many others.


O mně

I can help you to get out of your head and back into your body..