Would you like to have happy and satisfied employees? I have a solution for you – yoga classes during the work day. It’s a great way to increase productivity, eliminate mental stress and improve the overall mood in your company.

The classes can be organized directly on your company premises or online. The content and length will always be tailored exactly to your requirements. I can offer, for example: Desk yoga class (exercises directly at work tables), yoga on mats, as well as workshops.

If you are interested in a personalised yoga class, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. I am sure, together we will come up with a program according to your exact needs.

Benefits for employers:

» Increases productivity
» Improves mood in the workplace
» Increases employee contentment
» Increases the attractiveness of the employer

Benefits for employees:

» Relieves stress and anxiety
» Enhance physical and mental well-being
» Improves memory and concentration
» Improves posture and eliminates back pain