Let’s all come together to drift on a wave of a sound! I offer group sessions as well as an individual sound healing sessions. I mostly work with crystal and Tibetan bowls, a gong, a percussion and chimes. All of these tools have healing effects on your body and your mind. They also work as an aid to get into deep state of relaxation.

We can imagine our body as an instrument of its own which can easily get out of tune due to stress and other strains. However, during the sound healing sessions variety of sound waves resonates throughout our body which then help us find our tune again and be in a true harmony.

The length of a session and the venue where it should take place is all negotiable and therefore if you are interested in a sound healing session or you have some questions about it please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Who are soundhealing sessions suitable for?

» If you feel that your body is under a lot of pressure and stress.
» If you need a break from the daily hustle.
» If you need to tune into yourself more.
» If you need to gain some new energy.
» If you need to calm down internally.

What are the benefits of a soundhealing?

» Restores the body to a state of harmony and balance.
» Helps relieve stress and reduce anxiety.
» Improves concentration and creativity.
» Stimulates the skin, organs and bones.
» Removes blockages and tension.