Let’s all come together to drift on a wave of a sound! You can choose either a group session or a private sound healing.

This experience is either for an individual, or a group of friends and even for an entire corporate. The form of the sound healing
session, its length and venue are negotiable. I like to combine the sound bath with guided meditations, breathing and
other self-discovery techniques and rituals.

And why should you even treat yourself with this magical experience? Well, imagine the body as an instrument of its own which can easily get out of tune due to stress and other strains. However, during the sound healing sessions variety of sound waves resonates throughout our body which then help us find our tune again and be in a true harmony.

Who are soundhealing sessions suitable for?
» If you feel that your body is under a lot of pressure and stress.
» If you need a break from the daily hustle.
» If you need to tune into yourself more.
» If you need to gain some new energy.
» If you need to calm down internally.

What are the benefits of a soundhealing?
» Restores the body to a state of harmony and balance.
» Helps relieve stress and reduce anxiety.
» Improves concentration and creativity.
» Stimulates the skin, organs and bones.
» Removes blockages and tension.

Each sound healing session is completely unique experience. You may encounter sounds from different crystal and Tibetan bowls, gong, chimes, kalimba, rain pillar, rattles and other instruments.

If you are interested in a sound healing session or you have some questions about it please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. If you want to join one of the public sound bath events, you can find more information in the Events section.