E-book: Yin Is In! (ENG)

Yin yoga sequences for everyone

In this e-book you will find over 30 different yin yoga poses and 15 sequences, focused on topics such as back pain, stress relief, self-love, quality of sleep and much more! After the purchase you can easily practice yin yoga in the comfort of your home.

It’s suitable for beginners who want to try yin yoga but also for advanced yogis who are looking for new inspiration. Everyone can find what they need the most.


  • What is yin yoga
  • Principles of yin yoga and its benefits
  • Practice of yin yoga
  • Description of individual poses with pictures
  • 15 yin yoga sequences

Bonus: music playlists for yin yoga

Note: After purchasing please check your email inbox, especially the spam folder. A download link could have arrived in there.



  • Is this e-book suitable for complete beginners?

Yes, it is! I created this e-book with that intention that it would be suitable for complete beginners in yoga, as well as for more advanced yogis.

  • I’m 53 years old, can I still work with this e-book?

I truly believe that this e-book is suitable for everyone because you determine the intensity of the poses and the length of the practice yourself. Therefore it’s suitable for all ages, genders, body shapes,…

  • I’m not flexible at all therefore is this e-book suitable for me?

Definitely yes! Each position in the e-book provides you with instructions for modifications for various levels of advancement.

  • How is this e-book delivered?

After receiving the payment for the e-book you will be immediately given a download link via email. The e-book is in a pdf format so you can print it out or download it into any of your devices.